Ascension Dance

2021-2022 Recreational Class Schedule

Ages 2-3

Dance class for toddlers introduces dancers to the foundations of dance in a creative, playful environment. Each dance class focuses on the basic elements of dance and movement which are taught in a positive and encouraging way. We will use props to engage and teach fundamentals creatively and learn many short dances each session.

Ages 4-6

Classes start with warm-up exercises and stretches to get mind, muscles and body ready. Next we build dance technique, strength, balance and grace. We will also learn choreographed dances to both classical and popular music.

Ages 7-9

After warm-up exercises and stretches, we jump into technique. These classes build on dance basics as well as introduce more complicated tricks and movements. Longer and more difficult choreographed dances to many genres of music help develop muscle memory and dance move recall.

Ages 10-14

Dancers warm up with exercises and stretching at the beginning of each class. Technique focuses on making sure fundamentals are correct, strong and well developed, as well as pushing dancers toward new and more difficult moves. Choreography combinations blend all learning together and enhance development.


Classes start with warm-up exercises and stretches to get mind, muscles and body ready. Choreographed dances to many different types and styles of songs incorporate new moves with fundamentals so dancers can learn and progress at a pace they are comfortable with.

$35-$45/ monthVALUE

Youth Discount rates
Adult Discount rates
One-time yearly registration fee is only $30.


We have two huge shows each year: our Holiday Showcase and Spring Showcase. These dance extravaganzas are filmed in the studio or on location in costumes with full lights and production. Then we editing them all together into a movie you can watch together and share with friends all over.

This method of highlighting all the hard work and fun of the dance season is a great way to help each dancer feel special, supported and confident.

To keep costs down and easier to manage, we rent costumes to each dancer rather than making you purchase them. Costume rental fees are spread evenly throughout the year. Showcase fees are also broken down and added to monthly tuition.

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