Ascension Dance

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Summer DaNCE Camp

Give your child a place to belong, beat summer boredom, and build social confidence and self-image through dance, arts, and crafts in a positive atmosphere with summer dance camp.

July and August 2023

Fun and excitement, activity, crafts, and of course dancing are planned just for you!

Activate your brains, get your muscles moving, and wiggle your way through many dance styles and skills during summer dance camp at Ascension Dance.

All camps for ages 4-11

Full week and single day enrollment available

July 17 – 21
“Radio Pop Starz”

Always singing along to the radio? Creating performances for family in the kitchen? Singing into a hair brush strutting down the hallway? Sounds like you have a little pop star in the making! Join this summer dance camp to live the dream of being a pop star. Learn dances to their favourite songs on the radio, with Kids Bop and Mini Pop Kids as our inspiration. Dancers will dress up in a costume they design, perform dances with props and stage lights, film and create music videos, sign autographs and design album covers during craft time.

July 24 – 28
“Magical Creatures”

Enter the realm of magic and use your imagination to become mermaids, unicorns, elves, witches, wizards, and faeries. Celebrate each different group of any magical creatures you can imagine. All songs, crafts and costumes will be fit to match the creature of the day, making each day a new adventure.

August 14 – 18
“#trending” – Tik Tok

Learn dance moves and short routines from the most popular tiktoks or viral reels. All dance moves and music will be age appropriate and monitored by our director and camp leaders. We will use the trending audio clips from social media and recreate a collection of skits and dances we have seen online. These dances will be filmed in small groups throughout the week and sent to the families as a digital download montage. Dances and videos created at camp will not be posted online or on any tiktok account. The dances, games and crafts will be inspired from the trending songs and ideas on reels and social media.

August 21 – 25
“Minion Mania”

We love these adorable yellow big eyed friends! Join our group of energetic, banana loving, gibberish speaking, dancers as we create routines to the soundtracks of Minion movies. All songs and crafts will be inspired by minions, minions and minions. BANANA!

All Monday to Friday day camps run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

Early drop-off from 8:00 am to 8:45 am and late pick-up from 4:00 pm to 5:00pm is available for only $10 per day.

Dancers will need to bring a lunch, snacks and water each day. We host outdoor activities in a fenced in backyard like recess each day, and we also a short walking distance to a community park for mini field trips.

An information package will be emailed after registration with more details of camp. 

Camp value

Full Week: $175.00 (plus HST)
One day: $50.00 (plus hst)