Ascension Dance

Junior and Teen

Dance Teams

You deserve to dance with a team that will care for and encourage you, will develop dance technique with you, laugh and learn and grow with you.

Ascension Dance Teams give young people a place to feel loved and supported while providing opportunities to improve their strength, flexibility, self-confidence, as they perform in showcases and throughout the community.

6 combos over 2 semesters

Spread over the 9-month season, team members will learn four specialized choreography dances as well as a holiday themed dance for our holiday showcase and a ballet dance for a spring recital. Each dance number will focus on one specific style of dance for 4 months and then perform it either for a live audience or for a virtual dance recital. Dancers will learn and rehearse these dances each week at the studio. Also dancers will have a ballet class, stretch/conditioning class and progressions/leaps and turns class each week.

To give time to learn the technique and choreography to perfect these performances, we will work through the fall on 2 combos and a Christmas dance to be filmed and/or performed in late November and December.

Similarly, we will work on 2 combos and a ballet dance to be filmed and/or performed in May.

Choreography fees are only $200 charged twice each year: September and January.

Instead of families having to purchase costumes at full price to be worn only a few times, costumes will be rented from the studio for each dance performance for $40 per costume. Dancers will need to provide their own shoes: beige jazz shoes, ballet shoes, and hiphop sneakers to match their costume. We will discuss these during the first weeks of class to make sure everyone is aware of what is needed.

Video Performances

With all the uncertainty about public events including the public and in an effort to keep costs low, these group dances will not be entered into competition this year. Instead we will digitally record them on interesting locations around Chatham-Kent to fit the theme of the dance. These recordings will be assembled together into a digital recital for you to watch and share with friends and family. We are hoping that a public year-end recital will be possible by June of 2022, meaning a few of these dances will be performed live as well.

The ballet dance for our year-end recital gives a chance for dancers to show off all the skills they learned through the year. This dance has no additional choreography fees and will be learned outside of class time on a weekend intensive rehearsal in April. More details will be shared later.

Junior Team (Ages 7-11)  Schedule

Mondays 4:00pm to 6:45 pm


$149 (+HST) /month tuition

Teen Team (Ages 12-16)  Schedule

Mondays 4:00pm to 5:45 pm

Thursdays 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


$159 (+HST) /month tuition

Teacher and group of children exercising dancing and ballet in dance school

Solos duets and trios

All team members** have the option to learn and perform in a solo, duet, or trio if they would like to. These dances will be performed in the year-end recital, an on-location video shoot, and can be taken to competition if the dancer(s) would like to.

Add-on Solo

$48 (+HST)/month

$149 (+HST) choreography fee

Add-on Duet

$24 (+HST)/month

$99 (+HST) choreography fee

Add-on Trio

$16 (+HST)/month

$74 (+HST) choreography fee

  • Tuition covers one 30-minute private lesson every week
  • Costume and Competition fees depends vary for each dancer, depending on how many competitions they wish to attend
  • Costumes can be rented or purchased

** We request that dancers who would like to only dance in Solo/Duet/Trio but not the team numbers also attend ballet, stretch, and technique training with the team. This builds camaraderie and a sense of belonging within team members. Please contact us for more information and pricing.


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