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Winter Showcase - Dec 18th and 28th
at Galaxy Cinemas Chatham

Dance, where you belong.

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Experience belonging at Ascension Dance

There are many situations  in life when you feel out of place. Kids struggle to fit in at school or extra-curricular activities. Adults contend with cliques at work, or slip into the isolation of chaotic lifestyles.

When you don’t belong, you feel like something is missing. We are made to be social beings, we are wired to be part of a group.

It’s basic, it’s fundamental.

You are at your best when you feel secure and supported, when you know you are accepted, included, seen and heard.

Ascension Dance is a place where you learn dance technique, have fun, express yourself freely, build relationships, and belong.

Be part of something special featured classes

Where do you belong?

discover the various programs and services we SHARE. explore OUR dance training, RECREATIONAL DANCE CLASSES, a digital dance experience, JOIN A DANCE team, AND FILM/THEATRE PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES.


In Studio Classes

Live in-person classes are held inside our dance studio featuring wood floors with social distancing squares, wall of mirrors, and digital projector. This space will be used for dance classes, private lessons and reheasals for productions. 


Online Classes

Join us for a digital dance experience including a variety of dance styles presented in a pre-recorded online format. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home, allowing you total flexibility of schedule. Live Zoom classes also offered.


Production Studio

A studio prepared for film, audio and video opportunities. This recording space is ready for any performance projects. Green screen for chroma key, studio lighting, ultraviolet lights for neon glow, and special effects editing.


Dance Team

A group of dedicated dancers who would like a higher commitment level of dance. Performances range from competitions to community events to recitals to filming on-location dance videos.


Recitals and Showcases

Your chance to show off the amazing dance routines created in class. Perform and be featured in our year end recitals and holiday showcases. Recitals can be live shows or pre-recorded digital download compilations.


Cecchetti Ballet

We train our ballet students in the syllabus set forth by the Cecchetti Council of America. The CCA provides students with a system of accredited examinations that tests proficiency within those grades. Exam preparation group classes and privates available.

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