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What do people say?

Our dancers have a lot to say about their time with Ascension dance!

I am a classically trained musician and a lifelong athlete. I decided to try dance classes as an older adult, and I fell in love with ballet! The grace, refinement, strength and agility required are the perfect challenge to keep both my mind and body strong. The stretch classes offered are also extremely helpful to keep healthy and limber.

Brianna is an excellent teacher, she goes above and beyond to provide individualized instruction to meet each student's needs. She is organized and engaged, teaching step by step so each student understands fully.

As an older adult, I feel being a part of Ascension Dance will keep me fit, happy and excited for years to come!
I am returning to dance after 3 years. I am excited to dance with Bri and learn a new style (lyrical).
Kate - Age 11
I hadn't taken a dance class in 10 years, and I was terrified walking into my first rehearsal for Mamma Mia. Brianna was so welcoming and encouraging! I never felt out of place, and she definitely made me a better, more confident dancer!
I joined Ascension Dance with Brianna after hearing so many wonderful things about her from friends. The reviews from current and former students of hers speak for themselves.

Brianna has a radiant energy about her that simply tells you she will not let you fail! I joined for my life long love of dancing, and to get back into shape, but I'm open to the possibilities this may open up! I'm looking forward to this new adventure with a new friend!
I met Brianna as a part of Theatre Kent's production of Mamma Mia. This production reminded me just how much I love to move my body to music. Brianna's choreography for the show was professional quality while encompassing the varied levels of dancing ability in the cast. When the production was over I took some adult classes with Brianna where she challenged my brain and my body. The class choreography was inventive and she celebrated all members of the class where they were at. She encouraged all of us to push a little further, add some flair, try hard but still have a great time.
I started dancing a few years ago. I wanted to be a positive role model for my son. I wanted to help be his motivation to strive and want to do better. I wanted to lead by example. I started taking ballet and contemporary with Brianna. I knew I loved dance and I knew that it was going to take hard work and lots of motivation.

Working with Brianna was such an amazing and positive experience. She knew and understood dance and her students in such a way that she knew how to play to her students strengths and build on their weaknesses... there had been numerous occasions that I felt like I did not belong dancing. But with Brianna's positive, kind and motivational words she helped me more than she had ever realized.

I loved being part of all of Bri's amazing teachings in her classes and on stage with Mamma Mia!

Brianna has played an integral part in keeping my love for dance alive!!! Thank you Brianna !!!!
In my 35 years experience with community theatre, I have never considered myself a Dancer. I am an actor/singer who sometimes needs to “move” to fulfill the requirements of whatever musical production I am in. Dance auditions make me nervous. I was pleasantly surprised when I auditioned for Theatre- Kent's 2019 production of Mamma Mia. As Choreographer, Brianna quickly set my mind at ease with her energy, innovation, humour, creativity and patience during the entire audition process. When I was cast as “Rosie” in the production, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely with Brianna for 4 ½ months. She has a unique way of identifying strengths in her dancers and developing choreography to highlight them. Our regular dance practices were the highlight of my week.
I started dancing with Ascension Dance simply because of Brianna Cernanec. I met her when she was the choreographer for Theatre Kent's: Mamma Mia! She is full of life and energy, and is also an AMAZING dance teacher that always keeps you having fun! I also decided to take online dance classes to broaden my dancing experience and to learn new types of dance. Since I work full time and would love to go through for a musical theatre education in the future, it's hard for me to get to a studio at certain times so having a class online that I can do anytime of the week sounded incredible!
After a childhood exploring athletics and the arts, transitioning to dance in my teens was a perfect fit. With the guidance and friendship of my then-classmate, Miss Brianna, dance became not only a lifelong hobby but another way to socialize, exercise, and have fun. Miss Bri's teaching skills are phenomenal and I'm excited to dance with her again at Ascension. The online format is flexible enough to dance anywhere!
I've had experience in dance for most of my life, but I can honestly say I've never had a dance teacher like Brianna! I had the opportunity to work with Brianna in Theatre Kent's production of “Mamma Mia” and she was always the most energetic, motivated, and caring person. Brianna always made sure that all of us were comfortable learning and exploring dance together. Her creativity, supportive attitude, and talent ensure that all of her students can be successful. I highly recommend taking a class with Brianna! I learned so much about dance and always felt that I was part of a community in her class.
Brianna was an absolute joy to work with and helped us bring Mama Mia to a whole other level. She was patient, creative, encouraging and always made sure we had fun. The energy and passion that she has for dance is one of a kind, a true gift
I first met Brianna when she was the choreographer for Theatre Kent's production of Mamma Mia. Brianna is an amazing choreographer! She makes it her purpose in life to make dancing fun and exciting yet challenging too for whatever level you are at. She is a bundle of energy and fun. She always has a huge smile on her face and a warm greeting for everyone. You can't help but be swept up into her effervescent personality and dancing. She always kept us on task and worked us hard but it never felt like a chore. With Brianna it was always a blast! I feel like I not only met a spectacular dancer but I also gained a friend. I totally recommend Brianna as a dance instructor. You will not regret it!
After not having danced for 10 years, I decided to try it out again and take adult classes with Bri. I was instantly reminded about what a truly creative and incredible choreographer, dancer, and teacher Bri is. She always teaches her classes in a fun and energetic way, motivating her students to just want to get up and move! She makes learning new choreo easy, while also offering a challenge to her students. Her passion and love for dance shines through in the work she does!
I have been dancing for 8 years off and on with Brianna but her classes where always exciting and fun . Love personality and her dance style. Brianna has given me recommendations for classes that will help with my current back condition and feel honoured with her help.
Danica - Age 12
From dancing alongside each other as high school students, to taking Miss Brianna's adult classes, her devotion and passion for dance has always stood out. As an athlete with little to no formal dance training, Brianna gave me the confidence to explore my own dance journey. Her teaching goes beyond dance moves; it integrates passion, creativity and self-expression with outstanding choreography, guidance and constructive feedback.

Now with her online dance studio, everyone has the opportunity to join an incredible community, with extraordinary teachers. Brianna's sensational dance world will know no limits- as we can literally take her dance classes with us wherever we go!
I like Miss Banana because she is the nicest girl ever. My legs miss dancing with her because her classes are so much fun.
Braelyn - Age 6
I had the absolute pleasure of getting to know Brianna Cernanec when she was the choreographer for Theatre Kent's production of Mamma Mia. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Brianna is passionate! Her passion for movement is the driving force behind her dedication to her students, her artistic creativity, her enthusiasm for teaching others and her incredible ability to mold anyone into a dancer! Thank you Brianna for sharing your passion for dance through Ascension Dance with our CK community!
As a singer, I have focused over the years mostly on working on my voice, and now I am very interested in working to strengthen my dancing skills as well. Ascension Dance has an Adult Musical Theatre class that feels perfect for me. I've always been a fan of Brianna's energy and her passion for teaching dance, and even though I am in British Columbia, I think it's so cool that I am able to work with Bri/ her excellent dance coaches and become a more well rounded performer in the comfort of my own living room.
I first met Brianna at a pre-production meeting for Theatre Kent's Mamma Mia in June of 2019. At first, I felt a little sorry for her as she was the newcomer - but that certainly changed quickly! Brianna's effervescence is unstoppable and infectious! As stage manager for a show, it's not required that I go to dance rehearsals but I always like to anyway to get to know the cast. Her enthusiasm and desire to help all cast members succeed is amazing and I wanted to see what she would come up with next. Brianna's drive and dedication to the show was certainly evident when she hit the stage in November along with the rest of the cast and she even recruited her father John! I've seen what awesomeness she can do with a cast of mostly non-dancers, so I know that students of Ascension Dance will be amazing! I look forward to working with my new friend Brianna again someday - sooner rather than later I hope!
I first met Brianna at an acro yoga workshop, it was evident from the start that she was enthusiastic and positive with everyone around her. Working with Brianna on Mamma Mia was an absolute pleasure. She not only made us all look great, but her choreography added to the show to make it one of a kind! I highly recommend Brianna as a dance instructor for any age.
Not only is Brianna a super fun instructor, but she is extremely patient and kind. She is willing to help in any way she can and goes above and beyond for her students. She is positive, enthusiastic and a joy to work with.
I met Brianna while performing in Chatham-Kent's production of Mama Mia! Together. She was involved in the show in more ways than one, while also performing she had the role of choreographer. When I met her, i immediately looked up to her. Not only do I now call her a friend, but also a role model. She is so passionate about dance and so organized I was never afraid I would not be prepared to dance in this "heavy " dance show! My dancing has improved ten-fold, because of Brianna which is super important to me as an singer/actor. This will be one FANTASTIC studio!
Why do I dance with Ascension Dance? I was a figure skater growing up but that became difficult to afford as an adult in college. So I made the decision to try a tap class as an adult dancer. I loved it and ended up adding a Ballet class to my week. Now I have taken a variety of dance classes from ballet to hip hop, musical theater and even some ballroom. I have also created a second family with my fellow adult dancers and teachers. But more importantly dancing makes me feel better both physically and mentally. Dancing keeps my body active which has helped to wake up every morning refreshed and ready to go. It also keeps my mind active, having to remember different routines and learning new names for different steps. The dance studio is my happy place and I can not wait to continue my dance journey with Ascension Dance!
Dance has always been a part of who I am. I like to tell people that I've danced my way through life and I'm excited to continue this journey with Ascension Dance. I am particularly passionate about ballet and that passion continues to grow thanks to Brianna Cernanec. I've had several ballet instructors throughout my lifetime, but she is one of the best. Her teaching style is engaging and personable. She is amazing at catering movement to an individual's skills. She is also not afraid to challenge the adult dance student, something I truly appreciate. I just signed up for a some online dance classes that will challenge me at my own individual dance level and I'm ready to be inspired by Ascension Dance!
I met Brianna when she choreographed Theatre Kent's production of Mamma Mia. I remember one of the first days in the dance studio she wrote my name down to be one of the “feature dancers” in the show. I thought it was a mistake since I had never danced professionally in my life. But Brianna reassured me that it was definitely not a mistake and that she sees something in me that comes naturally when I dance. She is an amazing choreographer, dancer, mentor, teacher, friend you name it. She believes in her students and makes you believe in yourself. I aspire to be like Brianna.
Brianna is a phenomenal teacher and accomplished dancer. When teaching she is not only professional, patient and creative, she incorporates humour creating a very relaxed atmosphere. Regardless of age, ability, and talent she has an uncanny way of making her students feel like beautiful dancers. So looking forward to her new avenue is dance instruction, she is a GEM.... irreplaceable!