Ascension Dance

adult Competitive Team

Ages 18+ 

For the dancer that loves the thrill and excitement of performing on stage and wants to work towards a common goal with a team environment, dance competitions can provide the motivation and incentive to push themselves to grow and develop to new heights.

Team Commitment and Expectations

  • Strong commitment is expected from dancers and their parents from September 2022 to May 2023

  • All competitive dancers will attend 3 local competitions

  • All Teams will participate in our Holiday Showcase in December and Spring Recital in June

  • Attendance is mandatory for competitions, shows, extra rehearsals and regular classes

  • When needed, extra rehearsals will take place on weekends with plenty of advance communications

Dance styles

  • Lyrical – Lyrical dance is a style that embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and modern dance. It is meant to showcase the emotional spirit of the music through the body of the dancer.  Use techniques from all dance styles to assist in telling the story of the lyrics through expressive movement and performance. 

  • Musical TheatreThis dance style portrays an idea, theme or character. Inspiration may be taken from a musical stage production, movie or television production. Musical theatre class explores dance styles that would be used for Broadway musicals. In dance we experiment with acting out emotions, storytelling, and dramatics while performing strong dance moves.

  • Hip-hop – Routines are choreographed to contemporary music, using dance styles like: hip hop, funk, freestyle, street dance, or music video type dances. This class is energized and upbeat, exploring rhythm and the elements of hip hop.

adult dance schedule

  • Classes run September 2022 to May 2023
  • Participate between one or three dances. Choose to compete either Lyrical, Musical Theatre or Hip-hop or choose to be in all three dances
  • Each style will rehearse once a week for 60 minutes during a weekday evening
  • Joining Adult Stretch Class strongly encouraged at discounted tuition price

  • Depending on your commitment, 1-3 dances will be learned each of a different dance style

  • All teams will participate in our Holiday Showcase in December and Spring Recital in June
  • Team choreography will be taught during August 21 – 27 (schedule TBA)

Team costs

Monthly tuition is $62.15 plus hst per dance

There are additional costs when joining the Ascension Dance Competitive team

  • Costume fees (some will be rented, some purchased)

  • Choreography Fees (one time fee for each dance)

  • Competitive Entry Fees for all dances going to competition

  • Ascension Dance team jacket (to be worn at competitions)

  • Dance shoes, tights, make up etc.

Audition and interview

Contact for help to register for a competitive team audition. Registration is open, we are accepting new students at this time.