Ascension Dance

ages 2-3 Dance classes

Your kids need to spend time with other kids. They need to move and express themselves, they need to use up energy and be creative.

Drop-in dance classes are for any child who likes to move their body. They will get a chance to connect with other children, find a spot to fit in, build strength and motor skills, learn dance technique and stretch their bodies.

Dancing can create new friendships, build self-confidence, increase positive self image and boost moods. This is a great way to explore your child’s passion for music and movement. Do they enjoy graceful twirls and pointed toes? Are they always grooving to upbeat radio music? Come explore a dance class!

Benefits of dance class:

  • Encourages socialization
  • Strengthens coordination skills
  • Builds cognitive development
  • Stimulates the growing brain


Dance class for toddlers aged 2-3 introduces dancers to the foundations of dance in a creative, playful environment. Each dance class will focus on the basic elements of dance and movement that are taught in a positive and encouraging way. We will use props to engage and teach fundamentals creatively and learn many short dances each session. Dancers will be introduced to the dance styles of ballet, jazz and hip-hop. 

Dancers are encouraged to wear their choice of flexible athletic wear, a bodysuit and tights, ballet shoes, or bare feet. Parents or guardians are invited to observe the class in our Lobby through our livestream on TV. 

monthly commitment

We are offering Ages 2-3 Creative Movement classes for the rest of the season for months March, April and May. Register for one month, a session of 4 weeks at a time that fits your family schedule best. Each month of class is $45 +HST per dancer.

Drop-in Classes

We are offering multiple Ages 2-3 Creative Movement drop-in classes for the rest of the season March, April and May. These classes are designed for beginner dancers to explore a formal dance class before the families commit to a longer session commitment. Register for one class at a time that fits your family schedule best. Each individual class is $15, tax included. 

Performance opportunities

The studio creates a digital dance experience for our Holiday Showcase filmed in December. This is a dance show that is filmed in costumes and edited, shared as a link for you to download to your desktop. 

In June, we have a live in-person recital to close the season. Ages 2-3 dancers can choose to wear a costume and perform live on stage in front of an audience. This live performance is optional for each dancer depending on independence and confidence. 

Private digital dance showcases can be filmed for each individual dancer if the family wants the recital experience but the dancer does not want to perform onstage. The dancer will perform their routines in costume and the family will receive a digital link to download of a dance film featuring their soloist. 

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