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Mother's Day Dance


Celebrate this Mother’s Day by grooving along side with all maternal figures. Grandparents, relatives, bonus moms, are all welcome to dance with a special partner!

Friday may 10th - 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Make special memories with each other that you will cherish forever. All moms, aunts, grandmothers, siblings, any maternal figures welcome! This event is perfect for beginners, no previous dance experience needed. All ages and abilities welcome. 
Celebrate the people who’ve had a special maternal influence in your life. Come to class and learn a beginner friendly partner dance with that special someone. 
Register only 1 dancer, their adult partner does not need to be registered. After registration more information regarding studio location, attire, song choice and more will be emailed to your account. 
Our studio will have a special photoshoot session to show off your best dance poses. Perform your dance for the camera at the end of class with all our pairs. All pictures and videos will be shared online individually for a digital dance download. Such a great memory keepsake!

partner class value:
$20.00 +hst per pair