Ascension Dance

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What is Ballet?

ballet: a classical dance form encouraging grace, demanding precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement.
Ballet steps and technique form the foundational elements of many other dance styles. This makes ballet an important asset to dancers of any age or ability.

Ages 2-4 Creative Movement

In Creative Movement class, toddlers will be introduced to the foundations of dance in a creative, playful environment. Each class focuses on the basic elements of dance and movement. Dancers will learn in a positive and encouraging way. We will use props to engage and teach fundamentals creatively and learn many short dances each session.

Ages 5-16 Ballet

Ballet classes start with traditional exercises to build technique, strength, balance and grace. Children and youth will learn choreographed dances to both classical and popular music. Ballet dance classes focus on positivity, building team work and supporting each other as we learn.

Ballet – Exam Preparation

Cecchetti exam preparation classes review a small number of exercises each week. This narrower view encourages the dancer to focus on fine details to progress towards their Cecchetti Ballet exam. 

For our online students this course includes one mandatory personal video call every week for one on one checkup and critiques and training. This allows your instructor to encourage and build your technique while monitoring your progress.

We offer group classes as dancers progress from Primary to grades 1 through 4. Grades 5 and 6 exam prep are also offered, but only as private in-studio lessons.

Adult Classes

Adult ballet class teaches you a variety of dance choreography and technique. These dance routines are composed of syllabus moves. Beginners are welcome, and experienced dancers will be encouraged to take their dancing to new levels.

young female dancer showing ballet pose

Dancing with Miss Bri makes me feel happy. I like that she is always there for me when I am learning something new. She is fun and always kind. Dancing with her makes my heart smile.


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